Tencent Cloud Signs MoU with Strange Universe Technology


Image: Krittee Manoleehagul, Vice President of Tencent Cloud International for Southeast Asia (in the middle), Edmund Ooi, Chief Executive Officer at Strange Universe Technology (on the screen), Kenneth Siow, Regional Director for Southeast Asia and General Manager of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Tencent Cloud International (right) and Steven Seet, Chief Operating Officer at Strange Universe Technology (left) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore opportunities in co-creating virtual world experience.

Tencent Cloud has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Strange Universe Technology to explore various opportunities in creating experiences in the virtual world. The agreement also aims to create an immersive and integrated platform that helps businesses adapt and thrive in a virtual environment.

Both parties agree to collaborate in various areas, potentially integrating Tencent Cloud’s comprehensive virtual world-related products and cloud solutions into Strange Universe’s platform. One of the Tencent Cloud’s offerings available to Strange Universe is the one-stop solution Virtual Interactive Space (VIS), which is based on real-time cloud rendering technology. Combined with Tencent Cloud’s Tencent Real Time Communication (TRTC), Game Multimedia Engine (GME), and digital avatar products and services, VIS also provides multi-scene virtual space delivery capabilities covering virtual live broadcasts, virtual conferences, and exhibitions as well as events, among others, allowing businesses to easily build up various scenario templates.

Prior to the agreement, Tencent Cloud has already provided Strange Universe with a range of IaaS products to support its operations in the virtual world. The newly signed MoU further strengthened both companies’ relationship and commitment to helping create a more immersive and interactive virtual community.

Krittee Manoleehagul, Vice President of Tencent Cloud International for Southeast Asia, said, “As the physical and digital spaces emerge, more businesses have started looking to adapt and integrate their services in virtual worlds. Tencent Cloud has always been committed to assisting companies’ digital journeys through virtual world-related products and cloud solutions, and we look forward to working with Strange Universe Technology to open more doors of opportunities in creating a virtual world experience. We also aim to provide support for more companies and organizations as they adapt to the convergence of real-world and virtual realms.”

Edmund Ooi, Chief Executive Officer, Strange Universe Technology, said, “As a Web3.0 company dedicated to exploring creative ideas in digital identity, practicality and interoperability, we are pleased to be working with Tencent Cloud in building an immersive virtual space. Our goal is to provide an integrated hybrid and efficient virtual reality technology platform, and by leveraging the highly reliable, high-quality and secure solutions of Tencent Cloud, we have taken significant steps towards achieving our mission.



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