VAST Data Partners with Hewlett Packard


VAST Data has announced that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has incorporated VAST Data’s leading file software platform into the new HPE GreenLake for File Storage service. By leveraging VAST’s unique and innovative scale-out software architecture for the new HPE GreenLake for File Storage, enterprise customers can manage unstructured data with high performance at scale to deliver superior time to data insight.

“Media creation is on the rise, across enterprise, commercial and consumer use cases. As a result, unstructured data storage is becoming increasingly necessary and increasingly complex for organisations ranging from life sciences to media/entertainment and financial services,” said Tom Black, executive vice president and general manager, HPE Storage. “By using VAST Data software within HPE GreenLake for File Storage, we are able to deliver a scale-out file service, designed to accelerate data-intensive workloads, which can be managed via the HPE GreenLake platform.”

The new HPE GreenLake for File Storage uses VAST’s Disaggregated, Shared-Everything (DASE) architecture, which IDC describes as “the storage architecture of the future.”

“Our customers and industries across the region no longer see AI and machine learning as a future capability,” said Wayne Gowland, CEO, xAmplify. “They recognise those innovations are here and that they need the right strategy and infrastructure in place to manage the constant data transmission needs they bring. This partnership between two of our key partners, VAST Data and HPE, will go a long way towards shaping that strategy and ensuring our customers can transform their businesses faster while extracting maximum value from their data assets.”

“HPE has an incredible channel in Australia and New Zealand, and the new GreenLake for File Storage service adds proven, scalable, software-defined capabilities to local partners’ portfolios,” said Howard Fyffe, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, VAST Data. “This partnership will provide new opportunities for the channel while enabling A/NZ organisations to more efficiently manage their unstructured datasets. Crucially, VAST’s innovative scale-out file software paired with one of the most trusted brands used in A/NZ will give enterprise organisations the confidence to lay down a modern data strategy to integrate AI and machine learning capabilities.”

“By combining VAST Data’s next-generation architecture with trusted hybrid cloud infrastructure and data services from HPE, customers now get the best of all worlds combined into a single, simple to consume solution from HPE,” said Renen Hallak, Co-Founder and CEO of VAST Data. “VAST is laying the foundation for the future of data management and AI workloads, and together with HPE, we’re continuing to innovate for the enterprise, where data is at the centre of every application strategy and business decision.”

“As a VAST and HPE customer, we see the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform as an innovative entrant in the cloud arena, which recognises the challenge many businesses have in balancing on-prem versus cloud,” said Chris Goddard, CTO and Partner at G-Research. “The combination of HPE GreenLake with VAST’s proven file system has huge potential to reduce data complexity and further scale the performance of large machine learning workloads, both in the cloud and in on-prem native environments. HPE and VAST have been true partners in helping our business achieve the high-performance operations we have today, and we continue to explore potential new innovations with them that could further accelerate our future growth.”

“In the last few years, VAST Data has proven itself in the most demanding data-rich environments,” said Steve McDowell, Principal Analyst and Founding Partner at NAND Research. “This partnership with HPE opens up VAST’s performant, AI-ready technology to a broad swath of HPE GreenLake customers looking for scale-out file service capabilities.”

“Softcat is invested in accelerating customer outcomes with comprehensive solutions, from edge to cloud,” said David Francis, Head of Vendor Alliances at Softcat. “With over 15 years of successful partnership with HPE, we’re excited about today’s announcement of HPE GreenLake for File Storage in partnership with VAST Data, which opens up new markets and use cases for our business, and ensures our joint customers have access to the industry’s most innovative, performant technologies and flexible consumption models to meet the needs of their organisation.”


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