VMware Carbon Black announces new Data Centre in Australia for 2020


Slated to open in the first half of 2020, VMware Carbon Black will have a new data centre in Australia.

The data centre announcement follows VMware’s acquisition of Carbon Black, which closed in October 2019 and prompted the creation of VMware’s Security Business Unit, led by former Carbon Black CEO Patrick Morley, who now serves as VMware Carbon Black’s General Manager.

“VMware Carbon Black remains committed to the success and protection for customers in the ANZ region,” said Morley. “We know these customers have specific compliance requirements regarding data sovereignty and want to achieve the strongest form of endpoint and workload protection. We look forward to working closely with ANZ customers, like Australia Post, over the coming years by continuing to innovate and bring intrinsic security to the enterprise.”

The new data centre in Australia will support VMware Carbon Black’s cloud-native EPP, built on an extensive, cloud-scalable architecture, which consolidates prevention, detection, response, threat hunting and managed services for endpoints and workloads into a single platform with a single agent and a single console.

Signing on to VMware Carbon Black, Australia Post’s Chief Information Officer, John Cox, said this was an important step to protect data in a growingly complex environment.

“Australia Post has been trusted for over 200 years to protect our customers and their information. As digital adversaries become more skilled in their techniques and technologies, we need to make sure we stay one step ahead by using advanced methods of defense. We selected VMware Carbon Black to deploy advanced, cloud-based endpoint protection across our entire corporate environment. This means we can protect our data against international threats before they hit Australia, we’ll have greater visibility across the entire environment and the ability to respond quickly to incidents.”


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