Wipro reopens hiring in US and India; ambitious on cloud and AI


Going by the recent new job postings, looks like Wipro Ltd. (Wipro) is on its way back to restart full-fledged operations and COVID-19 cannot stop it anymore. Wipro has accelerated its hiring and posted 3,146 jobs in June 20, a big leap from 741 in the previous month globally. Wipro has been consistently limiting its job postings for the last four months through May 2020, according to GlobalData.

Wipro hiring bounced back in June driven by the US and India, which witnessed increase in job postings from 169 and 415 in May to 762 and 1,684 in June, respectively. June also witnessed growth in job postings in cloud services, automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital platforms. Wipro’s attrition during the last year same period stood at about 17.5%, and while attrition is believed to be significantly lower in 2020, a lot of these job postings could be replacement hiring.

Aurojyoti Bose, Lead Analyst at GlobalData, says: “The announcement in June regarding the ban on H1-B visa till 2020 end could be a key driver for growth in job postings in the US. Due to several work visas restrictions imposed by the US, the company seems to have started focusing on hiring more American IT professionals to continue its US operations while reducing dependency on Indian specialists.”

Wipro continues to invest in cloud, automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital platform for developing Wipro HOLMES, SD-WAN and VDI technologies.

Bose adds: “The significance of cloud services has accelerated drastically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Realizing its potential in the post-COVID era, Wipro has already stepped up hiring in this field.”

The company’s job postings in cloud increased from 53 in May to 264 in June. On 21 July 2020, Wipro also joined the cloud-based quality management platform ComplianceQuest.

The company’s job postings in robotic process automation and AI also increased from 4 and 1, respectively, in May to 40 and 15, respectively, in June.

Bose concludes: “COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a temporary slowdown in hiring for Wipro. However, long-term prospects look promising with Wipro’s cloud, AI and automation ambitions likely to weigh heavily on its hiring pattern.”


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