Wireless LAN Market Slumped in 3Q 2019, All Geographies, Virtually All Vendors, First Broad-Based Decline Since 2009


The Wireless LAN market slumped in 3Q 2019 with worldwide revenue declining two percent from the year ago period. Softening demand occurred across all geographies, and such a broad-based decline has not occurred since the ‘Great Recession’ in 2009.

“Wireless LAN is a hot market, and everyone needs faster wireless connectivity in more places. But the recent quarterly results show that geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainties are dampening corporate spending for the near-term,” said Tam Dell’Oro, Founder, CEO, and Wireless LAN Analyst at Dell’Oro Group. “Although we have reduced our outlook for 2020, the Wireless LAN market is poised to undergo a significant transition to WiFi 6 that we expect to drive market growth for the year,” added Dell’Oro.

Additional highlights for the Wireless LAN 3Q 2019:

  • Cisco jumped ahead of HPE Aruba in WiFi 6 sales to take an early lead in this emerging market segment.
  • Extreme Networks is aggressively shifting their wireless LAN portfolio to WiFi 6 in order to position themselves for the upcoming market inflection point.
  • NBASE-T ports rose sharply Q/Q, a trend we forecast to continue and to stimulate Campus Ethernet sales.

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