Zebra Technologies introduces OneCare service portfolio to maximise visibility and availability of Zebra solutions


Zebra tech logoZebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), provides visibility into organisations’ assets, people and transactions, and has announced the launch of Zebra OneCare, a portfolio of support services that maximise the uptime and availability of Zebra mobile computers, printers, bar code scanners, RFID devices and wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure. The new flexible offering enables partners to grow revenue and expand relevance with end customers. Zebra also introduced the Operational Visibility Service (OVS), a new managed service that provides a platform and dashboard for at-a-glance visibility into Zebra mobile device asset performance and operational business performance.


  • OVS is built on Zebra’s Asset Visibility Platform—a cloud-based management and integration platform purpose-built for the management and control of business-critical assets. The platform enables visibility and deep, device-level control of assets to capture the data and provide the analytics that enable enterprise asset intelligence.
  • The OVS Operational Dashboard delivers the data, analytics and visibility required to optimise investments, increase efficiencies and enhance the customer experience. In addition to the devices in operation, the OVS Operational Dashboard provides real-time updates on the status of devices as they move through the repair workflow.
  • OVS provides actionable insight into device health, location, utilisation, operational trends and services to help businesses achieve maximum productivity and business performance.
  • Zebra’s OVS can also help companies reduce support costs and maximise worker productivity through increased device utilisation and decreased mobile device downtime.
  • OVS was designed to complement Zebra partner service capabilities – enabling partners to resell and rebrand OVS and recognise additional revenue opportunities while deepening customer relationships.


  • Zebra OneCare offers global support to help streamline business processes, improve operational efficiencies, and drive down the cost of doing business.
  • Three different service levels were designed to give organisations the level of service that best meets their business needs and budget.
    • Zebra OneCare Essential provides basic assurance through comprehensive coverage, technical support, device diagnostics and 3-day turnaround time on repairs.
    • Zebra OneCare Select offers around-the-clock availability and visibility through services that include online dashboards, 24×7 support and same-day shipment of pre-configured, replacement devices that are ready to use on arrival.
    • Through the Premier level of service, Zebra and its channel partners collaborate to meet the needs of customers whose requirements go beyond a defined Service package. Premier services include customised dashboards, advanced diagnostics, third party software support and support from a dedicated helpdesk.
  • All Zebra OneCare service levels include a Device Diagnostic Tool to help rapidly resolve device issues remotely and a service dashboard that provides visibility into the status of all devices in the repair cycle. An online learning tool and a Zebra Learning Consultant is also included to help create a curriculum to address identified knowledge gaps and ensure a rapid adoption of Zebra solutions.
  • With Zebra OneCare, business partners can recognise new and renewable revenue streams with little to no investment required.

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