6clicks appoints new Chief Operating Officer


6clicks has appointed James Murray-Beckman as its Chief Operating Officer from March 15, 2024.

The position will be a new addition to 6clicks’ leadership team, which comprises Anthony Stevens, CEO & Co-Founder, and Craig Adams, the newly appointed CRO, among others.

Although he will be taking on a new role at 6clicks, James has previously held similar roles, establishing a solid track record of leading global teams and driving revenue growth throughout his career of over 19 years in the ICT and E-learning industries. Before joining 6clicks, he was the General Manager and COO of Digitary, heading sales, marketing, operations, and product development, contributing to a significant increase in its revenue.

“I am honoured to be part of the 6clicks team. As an advocate of technology and product innovation, I believe that 6clicks’ game-changing GRC platform, the Hub & Spoke, has the potential to revolutionize the future of GRC software development. Combined with its cutting-edge AI capabilities, and integrated cybersecurity, risk, and compliance solutions, the platform effectively addresses the evolving needs and challenges of most organizations,” James stated.

James is currently based in Melbourne, where 6clicks’ main office is located. There he will work side by side with various teams to scale the company’s business operations and support its continued expansion and growth.

“James brings not only exemplary leadership and invaluable industry expertise but also a passion for innovation and collaboration that can make a meaningful impact on 6clicks. His dedication to utilizing emerging technologies to transform people’s lives aligns closely with our mission to challenge and redefine traditional GRC,” 6clicks’ Chief Executive Officer, Anthony remarked.

With a new COO on board to lead its growing team and the recent groundbreaking of its new headquarters in London, 2024 is indeed shaping up to be a promising year for 6clicks.


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