MNF Group Limited Name Change to Symbio Holdings Limited


Further to its announcement on 10 November 2021, Symbio Holdings Limited is advising that following shareholder approval at its Annual General Meeting, the Company’s name has officially changed with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and is registered for trading as SYM.ASX on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

The Company name and new ASX code is effective from the commencement of trading on Wednesday 24 November 2021.

The change of name reflects the simplification of the Company’s operations following the sale of parts of its ‘Direct’ business, including the MyNetFone (MNF) business, and its focus on its core operations of software-enabled communications in the APAC region.

Commenting on the name change, CEO Mr Rene Sugo said: “The change of Company name to Symbio will avoid confusion from the market and customers, present a consistent brand as we expand into the APAC region and more accurately reflect our strategy to be a world-class software company.”


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